School’s Out for Summer

Well, guys, my first WSET experience has ended. After all the studying, all the highlighting, all the flashcards, all the practice tests – and let’s be honest, all the wine tasting – I have completed Level 2 of the Wine & Spirits Education Trust course! Although the class ended a couple of weeks ago, I just recently found out my score…

82%!! This means I passed “with merit”. I can’t help but be a little frustrated with myself that I was 3% away from passing “with distinction”! I was so close! All my life I have been a straight B student, balancing on the line of “just above average”, so at least I’m consistent 😉 And I am still proud that my hard-earned “merit” will be displayed on my certificate.

I credit my passing of course to studying, but also paying very close attention to every word in every sentence of the question. The answer might seem obvious at first, but then one word that indicates a wine is from a certain region or climate might change the answer. It also helped me to jot down or make mental notes of everything I knew about each word, term, grape, region, etc. that was mentioned in the question, and it helped me put the pieces together to mark the correct answers (41 answers out of 50 to be exact…)


So now what?

It’s technically summer vacation! Yes, I have a regular, full time job, but that does not discount that feeling of relief I remember so well back in elementary and high school. It is time to relax and enjoy wine perhaps without analyzing every quality, but to just drink it for the sake of drinking.

The Level 3 classes begin in September, so after I save up a little more money I’ll be able to cover the cost of that next adventure. Cheers!