Happy Hallo-wine!

It’s Halloween 2016 and there are a lot of scary things about this year – who will become the next President, rogue clowns lurking around San Diego, gluten intolerant trick-or-treaters,  running out of wine at your Halloween party…

Honestly though, what I’ve been most afraid of is studying for this WSET Level 3 exam! I know it sounds ridiculous, and it should be easy, right? I’ve taken hundreds of tests before, I should have a solid study technique down by now. But, I really have been all over the place. Between making flashcards, making charts, looking at maps, watching videos and blind tasting, it’s been very difficult to organize everything into a neat, clean study plan that makes sense and helps me retain the information.

My worst nightmares have been the maps. It’s one thing to memorize places on a map, but it’s a whole different monster to know what grapes, what soils, what climate, what blends, what laws and what wine making techniques are specific to each sub-region of each larger region. Every map I look at, all I can see in my head is one enormous branch diagram that could quite possibly take months to memorize, and there are upwards of 60 different regions that are covered in this course, and the exam is in less than 2 months…I’m getting spooked just typing about it!

All this to say, I’m working on study tricks that will help me retain this information and help me connect the dots. I need to keep reminding myself of the ultimate treat that awaits at the end – a Level 3 certification and a serious sense of pride and relief. When I lack motivation or get discouraged, I need to remember why I got involved in this in the first place, and that was simply because I love wine! I love to drink it and I want to know more about it when I do drink it. I want to start a business (more on that in a future blog). I want to have knowledge to back up my passion. By looking at the bigger picture, hopefully that will help me focus during those hard days when I ask myself what the heck I got myself into.

On a sweeter note, I’ll leave you with this handy wine and candy pairing chart. A glass in one hand and candy in the other will help you get through the evening while little monsters swarm your front door (just make sure you hand them the right one when they say “Trick or Treat!”)




School’s Out for Summer

Well, guys, my first WSET experience has ended. After all the studying, all the highlighting, all the flashcards, all the practice tests – and let’s be honest, all the wine tasting – I have completed Level 2 of the Wine & Spirits Education Trust course! Although the class ended a couple of weeks ago, I just recently found out my score…

82%!! This means I passed “with merit”. I can’t help but be a little frustrated with myself that I was 3% away from passing “with distinction”! I was so close! All my life I have been a straight B student, balancing on the line of “just above average”, so at least I’m consistent 😉 And I am still proud that my hard-earned “merit” will be displayed on my certificate.

I credit my passing of course to studying, but also paying very close attention to every word in every sentence of the question. The answer might seem obvious at first, but then one word that indicates a wine is from a certain region or climate might change the answer. It also helped me to jot down or make mental notes of everything I knew about each word, term, grape, region, etc. that was mentioned in the question, and it helped me put the pieces together to mark the correct answers (41 answers out of 50 to be exact…)


So now what?

It’s technically summer vacation! Yes, I have a regular, full time job, but that does not discount that feeling of relief I remember so well back in elementary and high school. It is time to relax and enjoy wine perhaps without analyzing every quality, but to just drink it for the sake of drinking.

The Level 3 classes begin in September, so after I save up a little more money I’ll be able to cover the cost of that next adventure. Cheers!


Wine Storage: Delaying Your Bottle’s Imminent Death

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you don’t finish that bottle of wine by the time your Friday night Netflix binge ends…(hypothetically, because we all know the truth). What do you do with it next? Maybe you stick the cork back in it and set it on the counter. Maybe you put it in the fridge, corked or not. Or maybe–GOD FORBID– you just dump that last 5oz down the drain. 

After a bottle is opened, the wine is exposed to oxygen. The longer a wine is exposed to oxygen, the more the intended flavors of the wine evolve into something else. With improper storage, those flavors and aromas can quickly become unappealing. Follow these easy steps to preserve your white AND red wines:

  • Put a Cork in It

Not the actual cork, but an airtight one, like these cute and colorful rubber ones!


This will only preserve the wine for a day or two, but it lets in less air than stuffing the original cork back in. I recommend using these if you’re just setting the wine aside for a little while, or if you plan on finishing it the next day. 

The best way would be to get vacuum stoppers with a pump, and basically pump out as much air as you can. This preservation technique will give your wine 3-4 more days of life, and BONUS- is a great arm workout!


  • Stand Tall

Although you may store your wine on its side before opening it, be sure to always stand it upright after opening it. The less liquid in the bottle, the more surface area oxygen can get into when it’s laying horizontally. Stand it vertically and the surface area decreases.

This is also why you shouldn’t just stuff the original cork back in. When a bottle is on its side, the cork stays moist and swollen. While the bottle is standing, no wine is wetting the cork. As a result, the cork dries and cracks and lets in air.

  • Stay Cool

Regardless of white wine or red wine, refrigeration is best after opening. The low temperature slows down the chemical changes happening to your wine. However, when you’re ready to drink your red wines again, warm them back up to room temperature naturally by leaving them on the counter for awhile or, to save time, run room temperature water from the sink over the bottle. 



Part of being frugal with your wine is getting the most out of it. Don’t have time to enjoy a bottle all at once? Preserve it properly and you can still get your money’s worth.


Back to School to Prove to Dad I’m Not a Fool

I have just begun my adventure into the world of wine. I started my Level 2 WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) course this week, and I definitely have those newbie vibes of pure excitement and eagerness.

Although I am looking forward to learning all that I can about the industry, there is the gloomy reality of having homework

When I graduated college in 2012, I  remember the most relieving feeling was knowing I would never have another homework assignment again…hehe! But as the years went by, I felt this longing for my brain to learn things again. I missed the routine of going to class. I missed challenging myself. I missed that feeling of pride when I would know the answers to a test.

This WSET certification journey is going to fill voids in my life in multiple ways. One way is quenching my thirst for more education. Another way is helping me reroute my career path to one that is guided by a sincere interest and passion. And lastly, who wouldn’t want more wine in their life? Duh!

This blog serves as an outlet for me to express what I learn throughout this process. By sharing my knowledge with others, I’m helping myself retain it and put it into practice. Just as with everything else in life, use it or lose it!


P.S. The title of this post is a Billy Madison reference… in case you were thinking my dad made me do this 😉