No drop wasted.

That’s my philosophy when it comes to buying and consuming wine. Not only does  that mean I like to finish a glass (or bottle…) to the very last drop, but it also means I want to enjoy everything the wine has to offer. Its color, its aromas, its flavors.

You do not have to spend a fortune on good wine. If you know what characteristics to look for in each type of wine, then it becomes less about the dollar amount and more about how the wine appeals to YOU personally. Forget the wine snobbery! You can appreciate the work of the winemakers that fit your budget. It is true that some wines are going to be more expensive- for multiple reasons other than the taste- and if you can afford that luxury, I definitely recommend tasting those wines and giving your palate that experience.

All this to say, The Frugal Grape isn’t about being “cheap”. Being frugal really means appreciating the value of the things you have, and not being wasteful.

While I do mostly review $20 and below priced wines, the frugality I want to emphasize is to make the most of your personal experience with whatever wine you have in front of you. Every time you pour a glass, no matter how much you spent or didn’t spend on the wine, enjoy it for the complex masterpiece that it is. Enjoy the colors, smells, tastes, and how it feels going down. Enjoy wracking your brain to find the right words to describe all of that. Enjoy the company that may be sitting around you. Pour them a glass. Pour them another glass. Let no drop go to waste!


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