Progress Report


Following up with my last post since completing WSET Level 2, I am heading into the second quarter of this crazy wine adventure I decided to embark on. This past Tuesday was my “Pin Party”, where all of us Level 2 “graduates” received our official certificates and pins from our teacher, Lindsay Pomeroy**. She hosted our informal get-together at none other than where we meet for class – The Wine Sellar & Brasserie in Sorrento Mesa. The place was poppin’ off for a Tuesday! We were lucky enough to snag a couple tables.

We were mainly there to drink wine and celebrate, but for fun she called each of our names, shook our hand, handed us our certificate and pin, clinked glasses and took a swig! After our slightly unceremonious ceremony, we took the time to discuss our favorite parts of the course, how it has benefited us in our personal lives, and other things that winos might talk about over a glass of wine (Mostly, well, wine…).

Several of the students in my Level 2 class decided to stop there. They are satisfied with what they’ve learned throughout the course and will use their knowledge to be better informed with purchasing and consuming wine. For the rest of us, we will be moving on to Level 3, and I am getting very nervous!

Compared to Level 2, which met once a week for 3.5 hours, Level 3 will meet once a week for 5 hours. The textbook is 10 times thicker with 3 times smaller font. And the exam is not only multiple choice like Level 2, but also includes short essay questions and blind tasting! We will look more in depth at all the grape varieties around the world and the course will be organized by region. If I was tired of looking at maps after Level 2, I have a feeling I’m never even going to need a map again after all the studying I will be doing in Level 3!

Level 3 starts in one month! I plan to use these next few weeks to read through my Level 2 textbook to refresh my memory and re-lay the foundation I need to understand the basic concepts of Level 3.



Okay, I know this post was super boring, but I want to always use this blog to track my progress of emotions and knowledge throughout this educational adventure! Wish me luck!

**See below for our class photo and a little about all of us (missing a few)




2 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Not boring at all! I love keeping up with all your adventures ❤️ – besides, you’re such a talented writer, it’s actually INTERESTING🍷

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